America’s First and Only Toilet-Themed Restaurant is Down the Drain

(How many more toilet and/or potty references can we make in a single story? Let’s find out!)

Consumerist shares the shocking news that the America’s first toilet-themed restaurant, the Magic Restroom Cafe, is flush out of money, and that diners just aren’t all that interested in sitting on a toilet while dining. (For real, these photos are horrifying.) Could it have been something to do with the toilet decor? Or the fact that dishes were literally called POOP?! L.A. Magazine even shares that the dishes were “plated” on mini-toilets, which may be the most horrifying thing known to man.

Nevertheless, if you’d like to dine on a toilet that doesn’t reside in your own home, you’re not shit out of luck — there are toilet restaurant chains in Taiwan. So uh, we guess there’s that.

[L.A. Magazine h/t Consumerist]

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