LISTEN: Amy Poehler Freestyle Raps About Paula Deen, Is Amazing at It (Strong Language)

Paula Deen’s a motherfucking racist” is how Amy Poehler’s freestyle rap on this week’s Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast begins. She, along with Paul F. Tompkins and Neil Campbell, was tasked with the challenge of freestyling, by host Scott Aukerman, a rap about butter.

Not only is hers the most rhythmically solid of the bunch, but she’s also the only one who mentions Paula (‘cuz Poehler’s got her finger on the pulse of society, yo!), and closes it with gripping social commentary on how poor people can’t afford to eat healthy in America. Well, technically, it closes with something about engaging in sexual activities with a butterface, but the social commentary part is in there, too.

This officially ranks in as our new favorite freestyle food rap, a position previously held by Justin Warner and some dope rhymes about Châteauneuf-du-Pape. We’re sorry, Justin. Ladies gotsta support each other. You understand.

Amy’s rap kicks in around 5:19, below.

[h/t Jezebel]

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