Hashtag #NewCastMember: Amy Sedaris Joins Jon Favreau’s Chef

amy sedaris vine

Jon Favreau announced via the below Vine that drunken hostess Amy Sedaris would be joining the cast of his upcoming film, Chef. This confirms suspicions that his film — and not Bradley Cooper’s — will be the best chef movie ever. Relax, Bradley Cooper, yours can be the handsomest Chef movie.

Anyway, in the teaser video, Amy says she just “got [her] eyes pulled back,” which we can only take to mean that she’s playing a younger drunken hostess. In our fever dreams, food trucks have hostesses. OMG, is Amy Sedaris going to play an abrasive food-truck hostess who is constantly drunk? If not, dibs on writing a movie in which that happens.

Check out the Vine, and all of our dueling Chef movie coverage below.

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