Why is Kitchen Nightmares Most Infamous Couple, from Amy’s Baking Company, Threatening Customers With Knives?

Quick update, for those still interested in Amy’s Baking Company: It’s evidently still terrifying. Because now knives are being used outside the kitchen, and we’re left wondering what could have made Amy and Samy Bouzaglo snap.

TMZ released a video of Samy Bouzaglo allegedly threatening a customer outside of the restaurant; according to whomever shot the video, the customer was drunk, and the owners asked him to leave. Although he did leave, without trouble, trouble seemed to follow him. That’s when Samy came outside with the knife, while Amy held him back (and as Jezebel rightfully notes, ” when she’s the least terrifying person in a scenario, you know something has gone horribly wrong”). And then we get some more Amy-esque tirades and we’re like OK, we remember these people.

The Bouzaglos told TMZ, when asked to comment, that it was a pen in his hand, and not a knife. No, it’s not quite the “brutal attack” TMZ is advertising it to be, but nevertheless, we recognize that look on their faces.

Carry on with your non-terrifying restaurant patronage.

[TMZ h/t Jezebel]

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