And All of D.C. Wept Miso Tears of Joy: David Chang Brings Momofuku, Milk Bar to Washington, D.C.


What will you even do with yourself, Washingtonians? Crack pie for all!

The Washingtonian confirms all the rumors that David Chang will in fact be opening a Momofuku in Washington D.C., come spring or summer 2015. Chang told the Washingtonian that he wants this outpost to be just a little bit different than the others.

“It’s going to be a Momofuku restaurant but . . . where I want to take it is to make it a little bit more—not just accessible. It’s going to be exactly what we do and nothing like what we do at the same time. …

I don’t want this to be just another outlet of Momofuku. We’ve never opened another outlet. This one’s going to be different from everything else. Will it be wildly different? I don’t know. We just want to serve great food. And that takes time.”

And then he confirmed everyone’s dreams over Twitter.

And Twitter wept.


[The Washingtonian, Twitter]

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