And the Most Affordable City for Food Is …

Not the city you would expect.

Because we love rankings more than anyone (especially when it comes to our money, and our food), Wallet Hub combed through 18 metrics from the Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics and more to determine which cities offer the most bang for your buck for food. That’s right: affordable plus quality.

Among the key factors the experts looked at, grocery taxes, sales taxes, and even access to coffee shops and CSAs all played a role. So what were the final results? Well, it wasn’t New York City, that’s for sure. The most affordable cities for food were:

1. Orlando, Fla.

2. Grand Rapids, Mich.

3. Madison, Wis.

4. Boise, Idaho

5. Cincinnati, Ohio

6. Reno, N.V.

7. New Orleans

8. Austin

9. Lexington, Kentucky

10. Pittsburgh, Penn.

And where did our big cities fall into place on the list? Out of 150 cities, New York ranked no. 143 Chicago ranked no. 126, and Los Angeles ranked 96. Portland, Ore. and Boston ranked in the 60’s, but man do New Orleans and Austin look pretty dang good right about now.

[Wallet Hub h/t FWX]

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