Andrew Carmellini: Chefdom In The ’80s Like Being A Monk

Andrew Carmellini sat down with Interview magazine to chat about his just-opened restaurant Lafayette, and spill his deepest secrets. Many of them we’ve known for a while (he looks up to his mentor Daniel Boulud, surprise!) and some of them are from his childhood (he started off by making cookies!). Then he shared this rather interesting tidbit about entering the field back in the day:

After high school, I decided to go to cooking school. In 1989, there was basically Gourmet magazine, and that was about it. And Julia Child. So when I told people I was going to go be a chef, it was as if I told my friends I was going to go be a monk. It’s very different than the way the profession is viewed now.

We can kind of get the monk thing, really. Back then, everyone’s career path was to become something way cooler than a chef, like either a) a coke-snorting Wall Street Banker, b) part of an up-and-coming hip-hop group, c) the owner of a Limited Too at the mall, or d) a post-communist oligarch. We’re very glad that Carmellini resisted these temptations and became a celebrity chef instead.

[Interview Magazine]

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