Andrew Zimmern Presents An Idiot’s Guide To The 2013 James Beard Awards In One Easy Podcast

Totally at a loss for how to plot out your 2013 James Beard Awards bracket, due to those pesky, more obscure categories? Enter: Andrew Zimmern and Molly Mogren, who artfully break down the nominations, category by category, in dutiful Andrew as The Teacher and Molly as The Student terms for you to follow along with.

Impress your friends with your nationwide knowledge of chefs by stealing quotes and opinions from Zimm. Isn’t that why he has them? He happens to be nominated for a couple of awards himself, but he’s graciously bowed out of judging this year, due to the opening of his food truck AZ Canteen, which may or may not present a conflict of interests.

Awards shows not your thing? No worries; this week’s edition of Go Fork Yourself also covers our other two favorite subjects: crystal meth and foie gras. (Not to be consumed together.) (Unless that’s your thing.) (No judgement. Bitch.)

You can check out this week’s GFY in its entirety here.


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