Andrew Zimmern Warns Against Beer Snobbery

Pre-sobriety, Andrew Zimmern was a beer-enjoying man, and, although he no longer imbibes today, he still doesn’t want to see the downfall of his once-beloved beverage. But the Bizarre Foods host predicted that, with its increasing popularity, beer may go the way of wines, cool bands, and cupcakes: mainstream trendy death.

“I used to drink a lot of beer,” Andrew told The Daily Meal. “I like it. I like it very dark and very strong.”

However, he fears for its safety in a dissection, deconstruction, and analytically-obsessed foodie nation.

“It’s nice to see the beer thing come back. But the problem is,” he warns, “I’m afraid that the ‘popularatti’ — that’s a great word to coin — are going to co-opt the beer movement…and then people are going to go ‘Oh, it’s smoky with a raisin finish.'”

First of all, raisin finished beer — no. Second of all, oh dear god, what will become of us all when we’re too damned intimidated by beer flavor notes when we’re met with the menu that we just shut down and order the second cheapest thing on the list? (Because, yes, that’s what we do with wines.)

Let that be a lesson, beer lovers. It’s great to have a hobby, but don’t get too snobby or you’ll ruin it for all of us.

[Daily Meal]

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