Here’s A Handy Chart Of The Weirdest Things That Andrew Zimmern Has Eaten In America

Yes, “weird” is a subjective term, as Andrew Zimmern has repeatedly taught us. What we may find weird may be an important, even revered part, of another culture’s diet, and who are we to judge what someone else may find delicious? Why should we be close-minded to the flavors of bugs, or the efficiency and deliciousness of a donkey, or the heritage of a fermented shark?

That said, here’s a big, official chart of the weirdest things that Andrew Zimmern has eaten while filming Bizarre Foods America, and fairgoers at the Minnesota State Fair who stop by The Travel Channel’s booth can vote on which Bizarre Food is officially the Bizarrest.

Candidates for the weirdest thing Zimmern has eaten in the land of the free and the home of the brave:

  • Nutria from the Louisiana Bayou
  • Jellied Moose Nose from Anchorage, Alaska
  • Rawsagna (exactly what it sounds like), Los Angeles, CA
  • Cow Placenta, Vashon Island, Washington
  • Deep-Fried Coke, Texas State Fair

And there are a bunch more weird things, as you can see in this high-resolution photo of the chart. If you have the stomach to check the entries out, let us know your pick! (You’ll be braver souls than we are.)

[Andrew Zimmern’s Twitter]

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