Andrew Zimmern Politely Blasts Tim Pawlenty For Slandering His Work Ethic

Earlier today, we reported that during his speech yesterday at the Republican National Convention, former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty had name-checked Andrew Zimmern in an attack line against President Barack Obama — specifically, for “tak[ing] more vacations than that guy on the Bizarre Foods show.”

We were not okay with anyone calling Zimmern lazy, and apparently, neither was he. In a blog post published this afternoon, Zimmern took Pawlenty to task, and it was super awkward because apparently they know each other personally. 

 It would have been nice if you mentioned my name since we have known each other pretty well for a dozen or so years, but I understand you’re being respectful and not making it personal. I do…But where are you getting your facts? President Obama and I share a lot of passion and commitment to same issues, one of which is work ethic. I only take off a few days per month, I think I had 4 in August and only have 2 or 3 days off in September. And on those days I was sneaking work calls while my wife wasn’t looking and returning messages on my phone ’til the wee hours.

You can find the rest of the post on his blog below.

[Andrew Zimmern h/t Eater]

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