Andrew Zimmern And Bizarre Foods Snubbed By Diplomatic Chefs Corps

On the latest edition of Andrew Zimmern’s podcast Go Fork Yourself, he discussed the new Diplomatic Chefs Corps, assembled by the State Department for the encouragement of cultural exchange between America and other nations through food, which could also be known as The Andrew Zimmern Cause for the past decade. So why was he snubbed when the Corps was assembled, in favor of such yokels as Top Chef’s Mike Isabella? Zimmern has basically been making episodes of Bizarre Foods a one-man diplomatic corps in an effort to open up Americans’ eyes to multi-cultural eating traditions for years. And we don’t tap this guy when Hillary Clinton finally puts together a squad of chefs to do this on the official?

What’s even more baffling is that episodes of Bizarre Foods are actually used to train the State Department on local customs and what to expect when traveling abroad. Needless to say, Zimmern is very confused and audibly disappointed that he was excluded. But, it should be noted, he fully supports the program, and hopes his name will eventually be added to the list.

In what could very well be a freak accident of hilarious proportions, Andrew Zimmerman of Sepia in Chicago was chosen to be part of the Corps. What are the chances that the State Department mixed them up? Can someone get Hillary on this or is she too busy textin’?

You can listen to Andrew’s whole podcast here.

[Go Fork Yourself]

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