Andrew Zimmern Makes ‘City Pigeon’ Look Like A Fine Steak

It takes a bold man like Andrew Zimmern to eat something like a city pigeon, a.k.a. “flying rats”, “winged disease vectors”, “avian biohazards”, or “airborne herpes”. But eat it he did, after capturing a pigeon in its natural habitat: an actual city.

Zimmern and Jackson Landers, known as the “Locavore Hunter”, stalked their prey through the mean streets of Charlottesville, VA, a wilderness where capturing and eating city pigeons is actually legal. While eating pigeons isn’t the most unusual thing ever (you might know it as “squab”), willingly eating a bird that lives in garbage and dries its feathers on car exhaust fumes is like asking for a carcinogenic main course.

What’s even more frightening is cooking “city pigeon” to a fine medium-rare, like Zimmern appears to have done in the photo above. Also: how are pigeons red meat?

Okay, it looks lovely, but we’re scared for you, Zimmern. This is the type of thing that leads to being woken up in the middle of the night, then gasping in horror as you find feathers pushing their way out of your skin, talons bursting out of your socks; your screams of horrors turning into coos. Basically, we’re afraid you’re going to turn into a freakish bird-man and spend the rest of your days living in a cave among trinkets you’ve collected over time.

Please don’t eat NYC pigeons.


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