Andrew Zimmern Talks His Favorite LA Restaurants & Why Hooters Trumps Heart Attack Grill On Go Fork Yourself

In the most recent installment of Go Fork Yourself, Andrew Zimmern dished on all his favorite Los Angeles restaurants with side-kick Molly Mogren from on the road while shooting the LA episode of Bizarre Foods: America.

He ran the gambit from upscale dining, to celebrity hotspots (notably, predictably: Spago and Nobu), to a laundry list of Asian holes in the wall. But before they got to that, Andrew had to tackle food scandals of the week, which, unfortunately, this week revolved around another Heart Attack Grill fatal heart attack.

“I have lots of confusing emotions about some recent food news,” Andrew began. “I want no one — no one should get sick on my watch, let alone die.”

“It’s not funny,” Molly agreed. “Like, Hooters is funny.”

“Hooters is funny because tits are funnier than heart attacks,” Andrew confirmed. “There is an aspect of my pleasure in this that really shames and sickens me…I never want to make fun of someone dying. but in total honesty, there is a quiver of schadenfreude, not related to him, but to the idea that people are having heart attacks outside the Heart Attack Grill.”

Does anyone else feel like this diatribe is the opening bit of a Louie episode?

You can check out the rest of the podcast here.


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