Andrew Zimmern Gets Our Hopes Up Mentioning ‘Parts Unknown’ On Go Fork Yourself


This week’s installment of Go Fork Yourself proved especially revealing as Andrew Zimmern and trusty sidekick Molly Mogren delved into their holiday traditions and plans for the season.

For example, this year Andrew chose to celebrate the first night of Hanukkah with latkes and “make your own dirty taco” night. (“Dirty tacos” are ones stuffed with store bought seasoning, shredded cheese out of a bag, jar salsa, etc.) ProTip from the all-holiday-inclusive Zimmern family: go with a Noble Fir Christmas tree this year. They’re citrusy!

And along with brilliantly tangential tales of Andrew letting his son pee in the snow, how some of his mother’s ashes are accidentally spilled in Molly Mogren’s catnip drawer, and how Zimm recently saw Jon Hamm in a swimsuit, and it wasn’t that great(?!), Andrew let slip that he’ll be leaving after Christmas to film and episode of Parts Unknown, Anthony Bourdain’s new CNN series. As if we weren’t excited before…

You can check out the whole podcast here.

UPDATE: Here are the words that escaped Andrew Zimmern’s mouth, after describing a lovely lox and bagel brunch he was planning for the day after Christmas with his family:

“And the next day we leave for Parts Unknown.”

Here is the tweet Zero Point Zero, the production company behind Parts Unknown, sent in response:

“As much as we love @andrewzimmern, we think he just meant that he’s going 2 Iowa 4 the holidays..No #PartsUnknown cameos planned.”

Here are our thoughts: when we’re already on the edges of our seat, eagerly awaiting the premiere of a new show, it’s possible that we are overeager to associate well-known Bourdain colleague Andrew Zimmern with a travelogue cameo in his wheelhouse, when he uses the name of the show as an innocent turn-of-phrase. We feel like a girl pranked at the prom, which is to say: dramatic and devastated.


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