WATCH: Andrew Zimmern Gets Stray Facial Hair Plucked With Pliers

Andrew Zimmern’s publicity team is nothing if not full service. “Publicist to the stars” Rebecca Brooks noticed an errant hair on Andrew Zimmern’s face on the cusp of a TV appearance, and not of the scruffy facial hair variety. No, instead, she spotted a two-inch long sucker on his upper cheek. Embarrassing! So embarrassing that it had to be plucked straight away. But not so embarrassing that Molly Mogren didn’t pull out her iPhone to document the luxurious hair removal sesh.

Of course, it was less a spa setting, and more on the street, in front of Andrew Zimmern’s food cart AZ Canteen, and performed with what appears to be a set of pliers, rather than a dainty set of tweezers, or a quick daub of hot wax. You would think with all the women surrounding Andrew Zimmern in this video, one among them would have a more conventional emergency hair removal device on hand.

He says to camerawoman Molly, “Notice how everyone else wanted to help, and you just wanted to fantasticize it with your little video camera.”

Never change, Molly.

[h/t Twitter]

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