See The World Through Andrew Zimmern’s Eyes…Or At Least His Glasses

We’ve never really seen Andrew Zimmern in glasses, but we’re sort of digging these Eyebobs (which we assume is a brand new Millennial word for “glasses” that the younguns tweet on the vines) he’s rocking in the above photo.

According to Zimmern, he and the company paired up to make these round glasses, which are similar to the specs of John Lennon, Fergus Henderson, and Harry Potter. So essentially, Zimmern is now British.

But not only are “The Zimms” stylish, Anglophilic, and affordable ($75 for a pair of glasses beats out even Warby Parker’s hipster cheapness), a portion of their sales will go to the James Beard Foundation.

Zimmern’s not the first one to get in the celebrity chef glasses hustle, however: the production of Heston Blumenthal’s famous square glasses actually boosted the sales of UK eyewear company Vision Express by 6%, and was the most successful product launched by the eyeglass pusher. Oh goodness, is this the new celebrity chef product trend? Are we going to see more glasses and Crocs instead of Dutch ovens? There’s gold in them nearly-blind foodies, everyone!  Hurry, Marcus Samuelsson! Ditch the hats!


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