Andrew Zimmern Fanboys All Over The New iPhone 5

So there was this phone that some fruit company launched today. The entire internet (and by that we mean the people polled in our IT department) freaked out over its thinness, its brand new processor, its bigger screen size, something something retina display, and whatever the heck iOS 6 means. (Above: Phil Schiller doing his best Steve Jobs impersonation. Not pictured: Apple CEO Tim Cook, smiling devilishly.)

If you really want to know what all that technobabble means, ask Andrew Zimmern, Apple evangelist, who now really, really, really wants an iPhone 5:

We’d love to know if more chefs, especially those of the “photo-sharing and tweeting” kind, are thinking about switching. We know you’re all tempted, because after today’s paradigm shift in the tech world, your current phone is obviously inadequate for anything except for smashing garlic.


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