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Andrew Zimmern Launches Food Truck, Plus Two Airport Sandwich Shops

Hide your talk show hosts, because the next craze in crazy things is sure to be Bizarre Fast Foods! Andrew Zimmern is launching the AZ Canteen food truck in Minneapolis-St. Paul, which will have its official unveiling August 25th at the Minnesota State Fair. Said Zimmern in the press release:

“The menu will be differentiated and delicious. I have been lucky enough to travel and eat my way through over 100 countries tasting everything I can along the way…I want to expand the protein choices of Americans with the overarching goal of restoring health and wellness to our food system one plate at a time. Take goat for example. I love it and we’re featuring it first and foremost. I partnered with Pat LaFrieda to create a goat burger blend and a goat sausage that is indescribably superb.”

Zimmern + LaFrieda = somebody get us on a plane to Minnesota. But wait, there’s more! He’s also planning to open two sandwich shops, one in the Minneapolis airport, and one at New York’s LaGuardia. You know, for all your traveling Bizarre Foods needs. Maybe pre-game a trip to Thailand at the airport to prep your tummy for duck fetuses. Whatever.

After the fair, AZ Canteen will truck around the Twin Cities bestowing veal tongue sliders to the people. Or, you can rent it for a party! A goat burger party!

(Could we be any more jealous of Minnesota right now?)


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