Andrew Zimmern Slams MasterChef Junior, Compares Foodie Parents To Toddlers In Tiaras Moms

The breadth of this week’s Go Fork Yourself podcast was downright expansive. Andrew Zimmern tacked everything from the horse meat controversy, to MasterChef Junior, to the debate over diners taking photos in restaurants, to his own restaurant’s snub on Business Insider’s list of best airport food in America.

Let the record show that Andrew Zimmern loves horse meat, but is radically against food fraud. And thus, both he and Molly Mogren were freaked out by that bombshell from Tesco that some of their beef products contained up to 29% horse meat.

MasterChef America now has a Fischer-Price My First TV Show version,” Zimmern pivoted, adding, “[Molly], we should dress you up as a nine-year-old and get you in there!”

They’re both anti-Gordon Ramsay ripping 8-year-olds apart for underseasoning and are boycotting the show. Andrew assures us that parents of prodigious young culinary talent are every bit as “disgusting” as stage moms, comparing them to those of the Toddlers in Tiaras ilk.

Check out the podcast here to find out where he and Molly fall on the subject of photographing your food in restaurants and their own lists of best airport restaurants.


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