WATCH: Andrew Zimmern Dispenses Relationship Advice To Men

While we’re forced to categorize this as “relationship advice for men” because it’s a video for, we think it’s safe to admit that Andrew Zimmern’s wise words on maintaining relationships totally apply to ladies, too.

In the video, he recalls his fuck-up years and reveals that, with sobriety, came the realization that people who were investing in him were doing it out of genuine care, rather than out of self-interest. He said:

“Other people is what life is about…So when I’m in tribal Africa, I’m a better version of myself than I am at home, because I’m curious, I’m engaged. Something happens to me on the road where I’m actually sucking in life and giving back as much as I’m getting. You’ve got to find that thing in your life where you’re giving and getting. And when you do that? Get into it.”

Is there a James Beard Award for being really good at being a man? Andrew Zimmern should win that. Check out the vid below.


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