Andrew Zimmern Slams Roy Choi’s Spam Endorsement On Go Fork Yourself

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On this week’s edition of Andrew Zimmern’s podcast Go Fork Yourself, he and Molly Mogren tackled the vast and complex pizza-verse, but first, they obliged to tackle the week’s biggest food news. In this case: Roy Choi’s Spam endorsement, just a year after he announced he’d be going veg, because the animals spoke to him, or something.

Said AZ of the Spam announcement:

“Look, I get the whole, ‘I’m Asian and Spam’s popular there’ — he makes reference to that in the current press release. I’m just — he’s Korean, I believe, and Spam’s popular there; not quite what it is in Hawaii and Samoa and all those other parts of the world, but it’s right up there.

I just don’t know how a guy who stands for all of this — I’m making motions with my hands — all of this great food on one hand can… It’s cooked with preservatives in a box! Spam, you know, I just don’t get it. And I love that whole little poem that he wrote, when he saw the light meat-wise…[The endorsement]’s a pay for play.”

Zimm passed few judgments, though. Apparently, his magic number to do a McDonald’s commercial is $50 million. Well, we’d rather Andrew Zimmern make it than Beyonce.

You can check out the whole podcast here.


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