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Andrew Zimmern Rants Against Yelp, Talks Travel Channel’s Bourdain Debacle

Breaking: Andrew Zimmern’s trusty sidekick Molly Mogren has run away to Tanzania with one of her lovers! Translation: she’s on a safari vacay with her boyf, and the bossman isn’t happy about being left to steer the Go Fork Yourself ship all by his lonesome.

Indeed, without Molly around (or, perhaps to punish her for her unauthorized disappearance), the podcast this week devolves into a rant about all the things that piss Andrew off, followed by a long re-broadcast of his fellow podcasters The Mustache Rangers. Among his gripes are a disdain for Yelp, via Big Gay Ice Cream’s recent Yelp-gate, and Anthony Bourdain’s Travel Channel endorsement-gate.

While he used to be a vague defender of Yelp, AZ now compares it to asking his son to pick out his favorite John Updike novel: “Yelp essentially gives a tremendous forum for a bunch of uninformed morons to take down restaurants.”

Also, don’t ask him to play referee to the Anthony Bourdain v. Travel Channel Cadillac endorsement fiasco. He has no idea what’s going on, on either end, and would prefer to remain a spectator along with the rest of us.

You can check out the whole podcast here, and join our Come Home Soon, Molly vigil in spirit.


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