WATCH: Andrew Zimmern Learns The Art Of Striptease From Joe Manganiello

Andrew Zimmern joined True Blood’s Joe Manganiello on last night’s Watch What Happens Live, and it was so good that we kind of just want Andrew, Joe, and Andy Cohen to host a revamp of The Man Show.

In Plead the Fifth, Andrew admitted his favorite Top Chef judge was Gail Simmons (and we’ll forgive Andy for including Padma in his options, because Padma is the supermodel host, NOT A JUDGE), and played Marry, Shag, or Kill with Paula Deen, Martha Stewart, and Rachael Ray. Verdicts: marry Rachael, shag Martha, kill Paula (whoops).

He also played Great Balls Of Rapid Fire, in which he revealed what all of the animal testicles he had consumed over the years on Bizarre Foods tasted like (favorite is duck, and goat testicles are “America’s next junk food”).

Joe and Andrew then played a strip version of Bizarre Foods, in honor of Joe’s new movie Magic Mike. You can watch Andrew Zimmern unbutton Joe here, during which Andy barely kept his composure.

Then, Joe taught Andrew his best stripper moves. For future reference, Andrew’s stripper name is Pandora Lexington. Check out the clip below.

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