Andrew Zimmern Surmises Border Check Was Buried In Travel Channel Revenge Plot

We suspected Andrew Zimmern’s Go Fork Yourself podcast this week would be full of juicy gossip following last weekend’s James Beard Awards, and we were correct. AZ and Molly Mogren dished all about how underwhelming Brian Malarkey’s Broadcast & Journalism Awards Dinner was (fun fact: they’re best friends!), how Malarkey blew a huge opportunity to impress the who’s who of culinary tastemakers, how Zimmern got “Martha Stewarted” by Martha Stewart herself over the weekend, and how he casually ran into Grant Achatz tie shopping at Ben Sherman because of course.

But, drowning in all that spilled James Beard tea was a subtle Travel Channel call-out (and not the first we’ve heard this week, either), for shanking his pilot, Border Check, by putting it in the 5:00 PM Sunday time slot. Andrew explains:

“Two years ago, I planned to do a pilot with ZPZ. It turned into a special that sort of got buried on Sunday night at 5 o’clock, I think obviously because of the fallout between ZPZ and Travel Channel after Tony [Bourdain] left…I’m guessing that had something to do with it.”

But he’s “not bitter”, this is just “the business side of TV.” See: all of the previous ranting, from us, who don’t have TV shows on Travel Channel, and therefore don’t have to be courteous and respectful towards them as our bosses.

You can listen to this week’s Go Fork Yourself in its entirety here.


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