Andrew Zimmern Would Like To Eat Dinosaurs

To promote his annual Munchies awards, Andrew Zimmern went to Reddit and interacted with The Internet, taking questions and getting all sassy. While he gamely talked about the strange foods that he’d eaten over the years (including why he never ate durian), he did participate in a thought experiment about the one food he’d probably never get to eat: dinosaurs.

“As far as extinct animals, I can’t imagine any would be very tasty, except those that have a diet of tasty grub,” he responded to user _ions. “I know you ruled out dinosaurs, but certain dinosaurs were small enough to cook and were also omnivores. They’d eat little plant life. They’d eat small animals. So they’re the ones that remind of the type of food I like to eat now.”

He added that he’d eaten reptiles that happened to be meat eaters (AKA dinosaur cousins), and according to him, “they are very tasty.”

You hear that, velociraptors? We can eat you right back. If we coexisted, our superior brainpower would allow us to domesticate and cultivate you, and we’d roast you on spits, and you’d taste really good. It’s too bad you went extinct, really.


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