Andrew Zimmern: ‘No One Loves A Nice Jiggling Tittie More Than [My Dad]’

Dear reader, please help us solve a mystery.

On this week’s installment of Go Fork Yourself, Andrew Zimmern regaled us with the story of his most recent Hamptons trip, where he was being honored by the James Beard Foundation at its Chefs and Champagne Benefit, catered by the likes of Alex Guarnaschelli, George Mendez, and Masaharu Morimoto.

The Big Gay Ice Cream duo Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff were also in attendance manning the dessert station, and, as is their wont, Team Zimmern set up its headquarters right next to their stand. Present as Andrew’s special guest was his 86-year-old dad, Bob, who Zimmern gently refers to as his “almost completely senile, no memory, lunatic father.” The sweetest!

So, apparently, Doug name-checked a mystery rap song during the course of the night (Zimmern improvs the lyrics as “bitch just ate my car”) and who scooped up the reference but Bob, gushing over how much he loved the video?!

Andrew Zimmern: Doug literally just — four times that night — he’s like, did that really happen?

Molly Mogren: Maybe it’s the Robin Thicke song with the boobs? That seems like something your dad would watch just because there’s boobs in it.

AZ: No one loves a nice jiggling titty more than Bob Zimmern.

We think “Blurred Lines” is a fair guess, but do you, dear readers, have any better ideas/hopes/dreams about what this song might have been that drew together Doug Quint and Bob Zimmern, forging an unbreakable bond?

You can listen to this week’s Go Fork Yourself in its entirety here.


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