WATCH: Andy Cohen Admits He Didn’t Think Top Chef Was A Good Show In The Beginning

Andy Cohen visited The Today Show on Friday to talk Real Housewives and celebrate the paperback release of his memoir, but embedded amidst 1990s hairstyle faux pas realness were Andy’s deepest darkest thoughts about Top Chef before it became an international hit. Says Andy of the show’s first season:

“I was worried. I’ve had a couple stupid moments in my career, and I remember being on the set of that show in the beginning, in San Francisco Season 1, thinking, ‘WHAT is this show gonna be? Is it gonna be horrible?’ We were wondering if the name was good. We had a lot of questions. You know, you doubt yourself.”

And yet, all it took was a quick host switch-up from Season 1 to Season 2 and we were off on an Emmy-winning run! Check out the clip below.

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