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WATCH: Andy Cohen Eats Chocolate Sauce Off Padma Lakshmi’s Neck

In honor of last night’s much-anticipated Top Chef: Seattle premiere, Padma Lakshmi joined host Andy Cohen and guest Alicia Silverstone on Watch What Happens Live last night. News predictably turned to The DC Food Fight, where Padma let a guy eat ham off her collarbone in exchange for a $1000 charitable donation.

Andy then offered to personally donate another $1000 to the Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts if Padma allowed him to nibble a food item chosen by the audience off her neck as well. She obliged, and the at-home audience was left to text in their votes for either spray cheese, chocolate sauce, peanut butter, or scrambled eggs. Chocolate sauce won, the show closed on a raunchy note, and Alicia Silverstone looked demoralized.

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