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Andy Ricker to Sell Thai Food Cooking Kits for People Who Can’t Thai Good

Have you ever looked at the labels on Thai ingredients and thought, “‘ส้มตำ’? What the hell is ‘ส้มตำ’?” And really, let’s face it, not many people know what “ส้มตำ” is. Thank god for Andy Ricker, who not only is well-known for his authentic Thai cuisine at Pok Pok, but is more likely to know what “ส้มตำ” is than most Google Translators. He’ll also be able to tell you whether “ส้มตำ” is an actual Thai word that means “papaya salad,” or whether you’ve actually stolen an alien egg from a Predator by accident. (They look the same!)

But for people who can’t call Andy Ricker up at any given moment and ask him if “น้ำปลา” means “fish sauce,” he’s put together Thai Food Kits for the average Joe who can only read ‘Murikan, or who doesn’t have access to Thai markets. They’re available through the Temple of Thai website, and run between $14 and $55 each. WHAT THE — HOW IS IT — THAT’S A LOT OF MONEY FOR FISH SAUCE.

Okay, we get it; it’s hard for people to get some of these ingredients, due to geography or their inability to speak Thai. Still, whew — palm sugar and soy sauce for $14.39? It must be really hard out there for a ต่างชาติ.

[Temple of Thai via Grub Street]

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