Andy Ricker Adds Whiskey Soda Lounge To Growing NYC Empire

Andy Ricker, who managed to successfully transplant his Portland restaurant Pok Pok to Brooklyn (with a smaller outpost called Phat Thai in Manhattan), is laying the groundwork for a third New York joint. Whiskey Soda Lounge is scheduled to open this spring just up the street from Pok Pok.

Portland’s Whiskey Soda Lounge also resides next to Pok Pok, and Ricker hopes the Brookyln version can house those waiting for a table a few doors down. They’ll serve drinks and drunk food, natch, of the “spicy-salty-sour” flavor profile, according to Andy. Ike’s Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings are a confirmed menu item.

We can already sense “the restaurant before the restaurant” becoming a 2013 trend. At least Ricker managed to game the system in his favor and profit from both the trendy three-hour-wait restaurant and the place you go to get bombed beforehand.

[New York Times]

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