Andy Ricker’s Pok Pok Drinking Vinegars Can Now Be Bought With Your Hard-Earned Tokens Of Economic Exchange

What if everything you ever wanted, in dreams and reality, came in the form of bottled acid? No, silly, not that kind of acid! (You’re so silly.) We’re talking about drinking vinegars, specifically Andy Ricker’s drinking vinegars from Pok Pok, which are now available over the internet.

From the site New York Mouth:

This hybrid beverage is inspired by a classic American vinegar-based drink known as a shrub. Pok Pok’s drinking vinegars are made from the best fruits in season and super high-quality vinegar. They make a delicious and refreshing soda, mixed simply with seltzer water, or you can use them as an accent or base syrup for cocktails.

It comes in three fruity flavors (raspberry, pineapple, and pomegranate), and will put some serious hair on the face of anyone who drinks it. Also, it will cure your erectile dysfunction!* It does everything.

*No it won’t.

[New York Mouth via Twitter]

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