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Angelina Jolie Might Star in Unconfirmed Nigella Lawson Biopic Which Maybe Exists

Well, it didn’t take long for people to mine profit from the Nigella Lawson Divorcedrugapalooza, because now the British tabloids are claiming that unnamed producers are “reportedly” thinking of casting Angelina Jolie as Lawson in, you guessed it, a biopic about the tumultuous divorcedrugapalooza (which, if you really don’t remember, involved a choking incident, drug allegations, a douchey ex-husband, and England flipping out over the fact that Lawson smoked marijuana).

Too soon? Nah, nothing is too soon in the eyes of Hollywood, and, more importantly, Hollywood gossip hounds. Apparently, according to Express UK, Jolie “has been gripped like everyone else by all the drama surrounding Nigella these past few months and thinks [Lawson] is a remarkable woman.”

Yes. We wholeheartedly agree that Nigella Lawson is remarkable. We admire her stoicism in the face of an unyielding public. We applaud her ability to Keep Calm And Carry On (so British), despite her roller coaster personal life.

Still. Too soon. Ugh, way too soon.

(But that Getty photo from above would make a great movie poster, or a fragrance ad. GASP. A Nigella perfume launch is a brilliant comeback strategy.)

[Express UK]

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