WATCH: Ann Romney Cooks on GMA to Promote Her Book, Prove She’s Just Like You

Remember how The Romneys are Just Like You? How Ann shops at Costco Just Like You? How they ate Boston Market takeout for Thanksgiving last year Just Like You and how Mitt casually drops rap lyrics into e’rryday conversation Just Like You?

Well, now Ann Romney is dressing up in her best Barbie pink to trot out her breast cancer story on national morning news for the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and to cook a recipe from her first cookbook, The Romney Family Table, which — guess what — is Just Like Yours! Except that its probably carved from the wood of a four hundred-year-old sequoia tree with mother of pearl inlay. Other than that, it’s just like your Ikea furniture.

Check out the clip of Ann getting her zucchini casserole on below.

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