Culinary Imperialism At Work: Anne Burrell’s ‘Secret Flavor Weapon’ Is Vietnamese Chili Paste

In case you haven’t noticed, we are all about blowing the lid off of hard hitting topics. So it is with a heavy heart that we reveal Anne Burrell is so busted! She stopped by The Today Show this morning to show off one of her favorite ways to prepare summer fish, but the result was a deeply saddening display of that hideous cultural trend currently sweeping our nation: culinary imperialism. While Burrell freely admitted she doesn’t often take “the Asian route” (WHAT DOES SHE MEAN BY “THE ASIAN ROUTE,” HUH?), when marinating tuna, the white lady revealed that her “super secret flavor weapon” was none other than Vietnamese Chili Paste, which is commonly found in a plastic jar with a green lid and made by Huy Fong, the geniuses behind Sriracha.

However, while praising the “suuuper spicy” notes the paste brings to her marinade, she mistakenly identifies it as Sambal Oelek, which is actually an Indonesian chili paste. So not only is Anne ganking Indonesian ingredients, but she’s also misappropriating them as Vietnamese! All we can think is: what a cruel and offensive wresting of Indonesian tradition for the benefit of The White Man.

Check out the clip below, but we must warn you, it’s quite devastating.

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