WATCH: Anne Burrell Makes Hangover Brunch, Chelsea Handler Makes Lesbian Jokes

Anne Burrell and her new pink fauxhawk joined Chelsea Handler on last night’s Chelsea Lately, and we’re pleased to report that she’s handling addressing her sexuality in public much better these days. Or maybe she just prefers jokes to awkwardly formal engagement congratulations. Whatever.

“So you’re gay if you like brunch, right?” Chelsea deadpanned while Anne whipped her up a bloody mary and some chilaquiles. To be perfectly fair, we can confirm that bitches love brunch. Almost as much as they love Girl Scout Cookies.

“Why do you want to see that in my mouth?” Chelsea continued as Anne waved a churro in her general direction. “You’re a lesbian, you don’t want to see that in my mouth.”

Chelsea, let’s not generalize the food preferences of others, shall we? We don’t barge in on your job and assume you love spatchcocked chickens.

Check out the clip below.

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