WATCH: Anthony Anderson Talks Finding Thyme in the Hood on Hooked Up

Aspiring gourmands of Compton: Anthony Anderson knows your plight. One day, at age 13, his mother went out to play bingo, leaving him with nothing but a whole, raw chicken in the fridge to make dinner for the entire family. Turns out Anderson’s local Compton corner store didn’t sell thyme, and he was a very ambitious 13-year-old. A long bike ride to the grocery store later, he emerged victorious with thyme, rosemary, citrus, onion, and garlic, and, with the help of his birthday twin Julia Child, commenced with roasting a perfect chicken, accompanied by mashed potatoes and canned corn.

Stories like this, and more, on the latest episode of Hooked Up with Tom Colicchio, which you can check out in its entirety below.

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