PHOTO: Vintage Anthony Bourdain Zine Cover Triggers Serious ’80s Nostalgia

The 1980s! Something something Pacman — something something Bratpack — something something video killed the radio star — ZINES! Remember Zines? Maybe not, because you only appreciate the 1980s ironically, and never actually lived in the aforementioned decade, but it’s cool, bro. Huffington Post has got your back with a hilariously superfluous explanation of what they were. What’s that? Skip to the important part, you say? Sure! Check out Anthony Bourdain, pre-fame, on the cover (read: in the background) of this issue of ZAT from 1985!

Bourdain is featured in the issue dedicated to “Haute cuisine, hard drugs, and homicide” (because of course) with a short story he wrote entitled “Mermaids Singing, Each to Each.”

My, my, my, wouldn’t this make a lovely gift for that insatiable Bourdain fan in your life? Good news! It’s for sale on eBay, currently at $25.00. Hurry! Place your bids before this goes viral.

UPDATE: The item has been sold. Sad.

[Huffington Post]

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