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So, Anthony Bourdain And Alton Brown Walk Into A Strip Club…

Anthony Bourdain is currently in Atlanta shooting an episode of The Layover, and of course, when you’re in the ATL, there’s no better activity than going out to a strip club with your favorite nerdy TV cooking show host.

Yes, this is a true story, unless Bourdain and Alton Brown are secretly punking us with these tweets from the legendary Clermont Lounge, Atlanta’s oldest and most kinkily magical strip club (and the first strip club we’ve ever seen with a Wikipedia page):



According to Atlanta Magazine, Blondie, the third person in this carnal trifecta, is a famous burlesque performer/poetess at the Clermont Lounge, known in Atlanta for her ability to crush a beer can between her massive breasts.

All in all, a fairly pedestrian activity to do during a layover in the largest airport hub in the country.

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