Pranks: Anthony Bourdain Sneakily Feeds Anderson Cooper Raw Chicken

Whew, okay, we’re done laughing, we swear. And trust us, it took a damn long time to stop doing so, because when the New York Post reported that Anthony Bourdain made CNN Adonis/notoriously picky eater Anderson Cooper eat yakitori — Japanese grilled chicken that’s often raw in the center of its chewy, offal-ly goodness — we just sort of…died.

As part of the hilariously cruel set of CNN Parts Unknown promos, Bourdain took Cooper to New York’s infamous Yakitori Totto and fed him all the parts of a chicken that could be skewered and grilled over hot coals, leading to this realization:

“I didn’t realize what I was eating until after we were done,” Cooper said. “I’d say, ‘This tastes like . . . knuckles.’ And Anthony would say, ‘That’s because it is knuckles.’

“The whole thing was, like, an inside joke on me,” Cooper sighed.

Lest we forget, this is squeamish silver fox who had a minor nervous meltdown when Andrew Zimmern made an appearance on his show:

And also devolves into a five-year-old at the sight of Brussels sprouts:

Sorry — we were too busy laughing again. Oh god, now there’s milk coming out of our noses.


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