Anthony Bourdain To Have Cameo In Upcoming Season Of FX’s Archer

Okay, whew, let’s stop hyperventilating for a bit, because holy moly, America’s favorite profanely twisted celebrity chef is going to have a cameo in America’s favorite profanely twisted animated series. In short: Anthony Bourdain announced today that he will appear as the Bastard Chef in the new season of Archer.

“Yes. This is happening,” the zealous fan of the hugely inappropriate spy comedy show wrote on Facebook. “I hung around the Archer parking lot until they gave me some work…stalker fan…” (He may have also stalked them at Comic-Con, but there’s only so much stalking that one can admit to.)

Apparently a clip with his cameo made an appearance at last night’s Archer Live! tour event in Los Angeles, according to, in which an animated Bourdain was somehow both a bastard and a chef — how shocking! But it’s a testament to how much these two sensibilities overlap that everything about this cameo makes perfect sense. For instance, watch the below clip and just think: Bourdain Bourdain Bourdain. Yeah, this is going to work.

Archer premieres on FX on January 17.

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