All Is Forgiven Between Anthony Bourdain And Bradley Cooper For Kitchen Confidential

A long time ago, a young, generically handsome actor named Bradley Cooper starred in a television series modeled after Anthony Bourdain’s bestselling book, Kitchen Confidential. (Guess who he played? No seriously, guess!) Sadly, the series was cancelled after four episodes, thanks to things like “ratings” and “baseball” and “Bradley Cooper not being charismatic enough.” The series brought great shame to Mr. Bourdain, who screamed in horror when we resurrected it for recaps.

In today’s Reddit AMA, however, someone asked Bourdain to comment on the sitcom — and he revealed that he’d had no faith in the good-looking Hangover star who ended up nominated for a Best Actor Oscar last night, along with luminaries like Daniel Day-Lewis and Denzel Washington.

“Bradley Cooper as me?” he replied. “It was strange. I thought — this guy’s going nowhere. How wrong can you be. Also, I thought he was brilliant in Silver Linings Playbook. So about as wrong as a man can be.”

Bourdain wouldn’t have assumed incorrectly: back then, Cooper was starring in movies like Wet Hot American Summer, Wedding Crashers, Failure To Launch, and a bunch of other mediocre butt joke-slinging flicks. But apparently all it takes to get respect in Hollywood is being cast in one film with Robert De Niro and J-Law, and getting to play one crazy man, and then boom, awards like rain.

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