Dear God, The Bronies Got Bourdain And The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

There’s been something in the air recently, we think, that’s turned everyone into bronies, the grown adult men who are rabid, non-ironic, frighteningly sincere fans of the series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

By “everyone,” of course, we’re talking about Anthony Bourdain of CNN and Doug Quint/Bryan Petroff of Big Gay Ice Cream, seen here with Rainbow Dash of Cloudsdale, seemingly alive after being consumed by Bourdain in Finland. While Bourdain has become an extremely (extremelyreluctant member of the bronies (he watches it with his daughter, he swears), Quint and Petroff refrained from declaring whether they are bronies either (though their love of unicorns and shiny horses has been documented through the years). Here they are, probably learning about the meaning of friendship together at the new West Village location of The Big Gay Ice Cream store, and very likely will write a letter to Princess Celestia detailing all that they’ve learned from each other that day.


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