WATCH: In Honor Of Anthony Bourdain’s Birthday, Here’s His First TV Appearance

Back in 2000, Anthony Bourdain was a 44-year-old media neophyte with a book and a dream. Twelve years later, he’s the most powerful man in the restaurant media industry, maybe because he grabbed it by the balls and forced it to go his way. (Which is why we now have nice things like Bizarre Foods, Top Chef, Ratatouille, and the entire genre of Badass Chefs Who Don’t Give A Damn!) And today is his birthday!

So, to the man who gave us a reason to exist: Happy 56th birthday, Anthony Bourdain! Your present is this very old video clip from WGBH’s Greater Boston in 2000, which we believe is one of, if not your very first, television appearances. But despite your conspicuous lack of gray hair, you’ve gotten better with age, like a fine media whiskey, aged in a barrel made of television shows and poured into a fancy glass called CNN (which is a better glass than the red Solo cup known as public television).


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