WATCH: Anthony Bourdain Regularly Given Free Cocaine By Aspiring Chefs

About ten years ago, a foul-mouthed, has-been chef burst onto the media scene with his memoir, shocking people with his revelations about the seedy underbelly of the restaurant world. (Revelations of note: “don’t order fish on a Monday,” “everyone re-uses bread,” “brunch sucks,” etc.) Fast forward to today: Anthony Bourdain is arguably the most powerful man in the food world, and his word is canon law.

As he and his Ecco editor Dan Halpern discuss the 10th anniversary of Kitchen Confidential’s publication in these promotional videos, however, Bourdain is ready to acknowledge that the world has changed drastically. “‘Fish on a Monday’ — that thing’s gonna be on my fucking headstone,” he sighs. “It’s how many years later?! Eat the fish. Unless you’re at an Irish pub on Monday morning.”

But he’s worried about his legacy as well, voicing his concern that aspiring young cooks idolize him for things that they probably shouldn’t worship someone for. “You’d be shocked at how many times some admiring young line cook…comes up to get their book signed and slides me a little bindle of cocaine,” he says, shaking his head. “I have mixed emotions about [how] the book seemed to validate the most destructive behaviors of a lot of young people.”

The annotated version of Kitchen Confidential comes out on October 30th, and will hopefully convince you young chefs to stop slipping Bourdain drugs.

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