Anthony Bourdain is Going to Cologne, Germany on the Next Episode of Parts Unknown

“Is there anything better than the first beer of the day? I don’t think so,” Anthony Bourdain says  as he eats and drinks his way through Cologne, Germany on Sunday’s upcoming episode of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. To be honest, we don’t think so either.

Check out a promo for the show here:


And, in a sneak peak, we get to see Bourdain in his “happy zone,” which includes lots of blood sausage, fried onions, and mashed potatoes with apple sauce. If you don’t like it, he says, “pretty much removes you from [his] ‘Will Save From Drowning’ list.” It also includes the “dish that almost alone brought [him] back to Cologne.” It’s a “Stegasaurus-sized” pork shank that’s been boiled until it “falls away from the bone, steaming and moist, the symphony of meat, and gelatin, and good, good, stuff. G-d is hiding in there, somewhere.”

He learned about how Cologne can be a “worker’s town,” while also being very progressive.



[image via screen grab, CNN]

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