Anthony Bourdain Is Maybe, Probably, Writing a Secret Cookbook

How to easily blow one’s cover when working on a secret project that you know the world will inevitably freak out about: have your friends post something on Instagram. (Because nothing on Instagram is sacred, really.)

It was Eater who noticed a particular Tweet by our favorite dudes of Big Gay Ice Cream, Douglas Quint and Bryan Petroff. And yes, they totally bro down and eat Osso Bucco with Anthony Bourdain and his wife, Octavia. But the caption is what really says it all.

A cookbook whaaaaaa? We don’t think some Osso Bucco recipe is going to end up in a Big Gay Ice Cream cookbook anytime soon.

Let us recall that Bourdain’s big push recently (beyond the food hall and Parts Unknown and shilling for Scotch) has been to expand into cookbook publishing with Ecco and Harper Collins, even publishing a re-issue of Kitchen Confidential and Roy Choi’s first cookbook/memoir, L.A. Son. No one has confirmed any cookbook yet, except that a Bourdain rep confirmed any future book would maybe probably most likely be published by Ecco.

Still though — what happens on Instagram and Twitter, stays on Instagram and Twitter for all of media to speculate.


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