Is Anthony Bourdain Leaving Treme For The Taste?

Oh god, say it ain’t so! But if we’re reading this correctly, and we do hope that we have good reading comprehension (with all the writing and such that we do), Anthony Bourdain will step down from his writing duties on the fourth, and last, season of HBO’s Treme.

In an interview with My San Antonio, Bourdain mentioned that his duties on his ABC game show The Taste, and, implicitly, his new CNN show Parts Unknown, had taken him away from his other television commitments. Hence, he won’t show up on Top Chef: Seattle this season, nor will he be writing for Treme. (There’s also that daughter thing that he has. We hear those daughters are time consuming.)

While we’re sad to see him go (and sincerely hope this means that there are still celebrity chef cameos on Treme), we’re hopeful that even without his writing, somehow, in some universe, Janette Desautel is not completely screwed over/gets out of her predicament in a realistic way. (The worst way that Treme could end: Danny Meyer flies into New Orleans on the back of a pegasus who is also a lawyer, and together they release Janette from her contract, and they all fly over Lake Charles, leaving a beautiful rainbow trail in their wake, solving every socioeconomic ill in New Orleans. Fin.)

[My San Antonio]

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