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Anthony Bourdain Considering MMA Competition, Under His Porn Name

In a lengthy interview with SB Nation, Anthony and Ottavia Bourdain expounded upon their increasing interest in competitive MMA fighting and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Ottavia is already a competing practitioner (as is little Arianne), but even Tony has been pushing his training regimen recently. He thinks the day he competes in an age-appropriate category might be approaching:

“You know, I’m tall, so I will confess to harboring the secret, momentary fantasy of breaking some old dude’s hip [laughs]. I mean, it’s got to be the right old dude; he’s got to be in really pathetic shape. Under the right circumstances, I would do competition. I’m certainly thinking about it, which is something that before, I would never have done. Maybe I could compete under my porn name, Vic Chenko or Mick Chenko.”

You can peruse the interview in its entirety here.

[SB Nation]

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