WATCH: Anthony Bourdain Reveals His My Little Pony Obsession

When Anthony Bourdain stopped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night to promote his comic book Get Jiro!, he assured the food-obsessed Jimmy that his move to CNN didn’t mean he’d be “barbecuing with Wolf Blitzer in the Situation Room“, or that he’d be changing the format of his show. In fact, he’s going to start shooting his More Dangerous Food Travel Show in November, but until then, he’s going to take his first “normal people” vacation in years with his wife and daughter.

This means hammocks by the beach, reading books, and — he uncomfortably admitted — becoming “way too conversant” with his daughter’s cartoons, like My Little Pony. “Here’s where it really gets bad,” he revealed. “She leaves the room, and my wife comes in, y’know, ‘Honey, it’s time to go,’ and I’m like, ‘Wait, wait, wait, I’m waiting to find out what happens to [the pony] Rainbow Dash.'”

But bronies — the “allegedly heterosexual men who are really into My Little Pony” — who are reading this article: calm the hay down before you start tweeting your Twilight Sparkle fanart to Anthony Bourdain, because he finds your, er, enthusiasm disturbing, referencing the fallout from the last time he made a Pony reference while eating a horse.

“Gosh,” Jimmy says after a long pause. “America is awesome, huh?”

Watch below:


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